Daikin Ductless Heat Pump Portland

It’s The Home Comfort You’ve Been Waiting For!

Portland home owners discover true home comfort with Daikin ductless heat pumps. Daikin, the global leader in ductless technology beats the competition hands down. Daikin offer the highest efficiencies, the best product offering and the best warranties in the business.

Ductless heat pump owners have the highest level of satisfaction of any heating or cooling product in the industry! Here are just some of the benefits of ductless heating and ductless cooling:

  • Extremely high efficiencies – means you’ll save money on your monthly utility bills.
  • No energy loss through duct work – a traditional system loses up to 25% efficiency through leaky ductwork. Since a ductless system doesn’t require ductwork you have superior efficiency.
  • Cleaner Indoor Air – the ductless heat pump does not push air through duct work, which is most likely dirty.
  • Heat and Cools – a ductless heat pump both heats and cool your home. So you no longer have to purchase a furnace and an air conditioner. One unit does it all.
  • Increase home comfort – a ductless heat pump uses advanced technology that make indoor living easier.
  • Whisper Quiet – Daikin ductless offers ‘whisper’ quiet operation
    Easy installation – you can be up in running in no time at all
  • Easy maintenance – a ductless heat pump requires easy maintenance
    Rebates and incentives – you may qualify for rebates and incentives when you purchase a ductless system.

Is a ductless heat pump right for you? Chances are that a ductless heat pump will add value and increase your home comfort. Daikin ductless products use advanced technology that make them superior in just about every way. A ductless system out performs most heating and cooling products on the market and has advanced technology that makes your home living better.

Home comfort has never felt this good. Call Comfort Solutions today to see how a Daikin ductless heat pump can help you save money, save energy and increase your home comfort. Call today: 503-698-2665.